Conference Attendance Tracking Made Easy!

Conference Tracker by Engineerica Systems, Inc.

Conference Attendance Tracking Made Easy!


Conference Management Software Used by Diverse Organizations

Conference Tracker is the easy way to automate attendance tracking at sessions, events, seminars or workshops. In addition, Conference Tracker can handle many time-consuming tasks like online registration, badge generation, communication, attendance certificate generation and distribution, analytics, and much more!  Conference Tracker is used by a wide range of professional organizations such as: medical, health and fitness, school districts, law enforcement, government, real estate, insurance, and for numerous other event types.

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Conference App - Technology is Key 

Conference Tracker is a web-based system hosted in the AmazonPlatform independent access to the tracker cloud. To use it, all you need is a web-browser! There is no need to buy hardware or install software, and access to the systems is immediate and global. To track conference attendance, simply use the free Conference Tracker app on your own Android or Apple device (iPod touch, iPad or iPhone).  If you don't have an Android or Apple devices, you can lease them from us.  The Conference Tracker app converts the Android or Apple device into a powerful conference attendance tracking device. The attendance data is transmitted securely to the Conference Tracker server in the cloud. Simply log in to your online Conference Tracker account to view or print the attendance reports. You can also print out attendance certificates and distribute them.  Conference Tracker will also allow you to design and print out your conference badges, and much more.

What do users say about our Conference Registration Software ?

"It really was very simple for our volunteers as they were able to easily scan people in and out of sessions..."

"If you're looking for a product that is easy to use, that allows real-time tracking of sessions, ability to customize and print registrations, the ability to see what sessions were hot versus what were not with post conference analytics for planning sessions for subsequent years this is the software package."

"If there was one thing we did right for the conference to help it be successful it was the use of Conference Tracker by Engineerica."

Dr. Rory Reid, Ph.D., LCSW

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Complete System with Attendee App and Lead Retrieval

In addition to Conference Tracker for managing your conference, we offer a Conference Attendee app that will provide your attendees with a convenient and personal guide to your conference.  The app is available for both the Apple iOS and Android platforms.  There are many benefits to using this app including an electronic conference guide, a conference social network, communication system, feedback collection, notes taking, and more!  For the details on Confrence Tracker, click here.

Professionals meet at a conference and capture leads through app on phone

We also offer a Lead Retrieval app for your exhibitors.  Conference Leads works along Conference Tracker to help your exhibitors easily and quickly capture the lead's contact information.  Other benefits include custom qualifiers, live data backup, and more!  Enhance your exhibitor's ROI by offering this powerful tool.  Click here for more information.

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